We cover, coordinate and manage all the factors and actors involved and make up a production.

Strategic vision of each production to give a personalized treatment in each case.

Adequacy in cost and budget to the magnitude and size of each event or concert.

We develop own and external productions, for promoters, town halls, artists, concert halls, scenic spaces, etc.

Customer Productions

Own productions

Productions in collaboration with other companies and artists

Work areas

Location of spaces and enclosures

Since 1995 we have been working with most spaces and venues for concerts and events, having made productions both in large spaces: bullrings, stadiums, fairs etc … as most of the halls and auditoriums of Valencia and the rest of the state .

Both the managers of the spaces and the different promoters who have programmed there have entrusted us to coordinate and / or carry out their productions.


Las Ventas, Palacio Deportes, Barclaydcar Center, Vista Alegre, Estadio Calderón, Palacio de Cristal, Jardines del Botanico (Madgarden), Sala Riviera, Caracol, El Sol, Galileo Galilei..


Palau Sant Jordi, Sagrada Família, Festes major de Barcelona “La Mercé”, Plaça de Bous, Primavera Sound, Sala Razzmatazz, Apolo, Bikini..

Euskal Herrria

Festa major Bilbao “Aste Nagusia”, Bilbao Arena, Bilbao Exhibition Centre, La Cursal de San sebastian.


Expo Sevilla, La Cartuja..


Palau de les Arts, Palau de la Música, Plaça de Bous, Fira de Mostres, Llotja València, Mercat Central, Veles e vents, Concerts de Falles, Fira de Juliol, Sala Repvblicca, Noise, Jerusalén, The Wall, Arena Auditorium..

Audio and video equipment

The sound company that supplies Babel Producciones for productions and events is Acustic Crom, a company with more than 40 years of experience and that has sounded the most important concerts and festivals throughout the state.

Equipos de sonido
Stage and structures

In our productions, we work with scenarios and structures for events and small format concerts, to stages for large productions of international artists or for the most important Festivals.


We have a complete equipment of backline and own instruments and of high quality, in order to support the artists and to speed up the productions.

Tents, Dressing rooms, Back-Stage

We manage the area of dressing rooms and back-stage that best suits each production, always trying to create the best environment for artists to feel at home, with all kinds of services and amenities.
Air conditioners, double, single, with WC or with shower .., also tents of different sizes.
Professional catering service, carpet, refrigerators, furniture and all the necessary material to complete the back-stage.

Artists recruitment

We have a large portfolio of clients and programmers of trust (municipalities, cultural managers, auditoriums, halls, festivals,) to whom we make artistic proposals to make their programming. We maintain a fluid professional relationship with the most important musical artist management companies. We are aware of the latest projects and musical developments that work the most. We try to negotiate the most competitive cachets and market prices by our customers.

Bar management

Our bar managers are in charge of managing and coordinating the staff and the necessary equipment: refrigerators, shooters, tents, facilities, waiters’ schedules.
We work with the highest quality drink suppliers, with the most competitive prices.

Request for permits and technical projects

Our technical architect is one of the most experienced in this sector, having done works for most of the most important venues and concert spaces in the national territory.
We are responsible for developing the projects and permits that the administration requests in each case: architect certificate, electrical installation, evacuation plan, etc.
The fact of having worked previously in the majority of enclosures, allows us to streamline procedures and to reduce costs of practically the totality of spaces where the production can be carried out.
We also manage and manage the permits with the administrations by permission of spaces or public places.

Technical and artistic coordination

Since we take over production until the end of the concert, we take care of all technical and artistic coordination.
Managing technical Raiders of each group, coordinating with their technicians and managers.
Making schedules of sound and performance tests, planning the changes of stage and take charge of the council of stage to enforce the timmings.

Technical staff

The best differentiation mark of our company is our value in human resources. We have the best qualified personnel in the sector, technicians with a lot of experience in the largest productions and with the most demanding national and international artists.

Press and communication

In our communication and press department we have a constantly updated database, to which we send our bulletins with the constant programming news.
We also have a list of magazines and cultural agendas of payment and free, to give visibility and strategically position each event.
Finally we have agreements with the most important media and specialized press, which leave us reduced price to their advertising low.


For many years we have worked with the same security company and with the same Staff and group leader.
Professional people of our confidence who are concerned with making safety prevail at all times, striving to show maximum education and respect for our public, which is the most important.

Auxiliary loading and unloading

We have our own staff, workers who know how our productions work and are responsible for loading and unloading all the necessary material in the shortest possible time.

Generator sets
Depending on the characteristics and the needs of each production, we process the rent soundproof generators adequate to provide electricity to all the necessary elements: sound, lights, bars … Our suppliers give us guarantees of good working of material, technical service by itself Any unforeseen and prices adjusted by us arise.
Material for productions

Rental and management of all the material needed to carry it out:

  • Fencing of the concert area.
  • WC s and polyclinic.
  • Rafia perimetral.
  • Housekeeping
  • Senyalsitica of enclosure and exteriors.
  • Brand image: covers PA, Stands, Roll-ups
  • Auxiliary Machinery: Carretiila, elevadora, cranes etc.